About us

Our country is on the fast track of rapid industrial development. But at the same time the pressure on infrastructure is increasing manifold. The need for Electricity, a crucial resource, is growing rapidly. Owing to the environmental changes and decrease in rainfall, there is deficit in electricity production. It affects the industrial sector to a greater extent. Within another 10 to 12 years (around 2020) petroleum and coal wealth will decrease, according to scientists’ prediction. If we continue to use up this wealth, it will lead to Global Warming which changes the climatic conditions and has severe impact on the agriculture sector also. To change this scenario the only solution is to tap Non-conventional energy sources. It means, the usage of nature (wind, water, sun, etc.) for production of energy, which are renewable sources, without using artificial or conventional sources.

Hoist Industries., specialist in domestic wind power generation and solar powered products of small-scale. The company innovates to bring safer, reliable solutions. Our Managing Director says that the company takes the every step to manufacture all non-conventional products under one roof. These equipments have been manufactured using the best technologies with innovation as the guiding philosophy.

Wind and Soar power are useful for remote locale resorts/farms, domestic/residential/ agricultural purposes, small industries, institutions, etc. Some of these products can be easily installed on our own buildings or premises. The domestic windmill can generate 850 Watts of electricity which is sufficient for a home; these products can be used for roughly 20 years and are relatively maintenance-free.

Green Power has different products adapted for a particular application. It is cost effective and a good alternative considering the poor power situation.

Our Products are:

  • Domestic Windmill
  • Water Pumping Windmill
  • Solar Water Pumping
  • Solar Home Lighting System
  • Solar Street Lighting System
  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar and Wind Hybrid System

Globalization, industrialization boosts the economy scenario. On the other hand, the utilization of energy is increased tremendously. Because of this, the natural resources are drying out rapidly and reason for the issues like Global warming, Ozone issue, Co2 emission and decrease in rain fall, power shortage. As a result of these, the term Non-Conventional Energy comes under limelight.

HOIST INDUSTRIES , head quartered at chennai, the industrial hub of Tamilnadu India, started manufacturing non-conventional energy products recently. Dedicated and skilled Research and Development team designed this indigenous product, based on the theme Solution to Power Scarcity. We have spent the past 5 years for improving and understanding knowledge of downwind turbines. Our R&D team, with strong engineering back ground and dedicated work, successfully designed Non Conventional Energy Products based on wind and solar energy. To the best of our knowledge, we are one of the leaders in downwind turbine technology, a competitive edge we intend to increase.

Our product includes Domestic Wind Mill, Solar Home Lighting, Solar Street Lighting, Solar Water Pumping System, Wind Water Pumping System etc, which can produce electricity from 300 watts to 4.2 kilo watts. Even though the way of sourcing differs, technology made it possible to use Wind and Solar energy together. Yes, the Hybrid system of ours, utilizes both these energies and producing electricity for non-industrial purposes.

By appointing dealer to length and breadth, we planned to expand our operation. Once the ongoing process of appointing dealers gets over, we hope that our product will reach north to south and east to west.